How Can a DUI Lawyer Help You After The Charge?

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A DUI Lawyer Can Help You Move Forward After The Charge

Everyone makes mistakes from time to time. When hit with a DUI charge, it can feel as though your entire life got turned upside down. Drinking and driving is looked down upon in the public eye, and for good reason. Aside from the shame, you’re trying to pick up the pieces and move forward with your life after facing such a charge.

Doing so on your own would be a disaster. The best Marietta DUI lawyer helps ensure you get the best representation, and it helps you move on with your life in the best available circumstances. It could mean the difference between spending time in jail and being able to work and live while on probation.

DUI fines are quite steep these days, and jail time is possible, especially if this isn’t your first rodeo. Laws surrounding DUIs vary by state. Are you familiar with the laws in your jurisdiction?

Some people think they know enough about the court system to face this misdemeanor charge without adequate legal representation. After all, it’s just a misdemeanor, right? People that have gone this route typically end up thinking very differently in hindsight.

Even if things go smoothly for you for a couple of months, the ramifications of a DUI without adequate legal representation catch up to you. It’s very important to have a proper DUI defense and to have explained to you the ins and outs of what to expect and what to do.

A DUI lawyer can be your biggest asset during a time such as this. People live paycheck to paycheck, and a charge with some jail time can throw them right into the gutter, losing jobs, apartments, and much more. It can continuously drain their finances for years.

Why let your world crash down around you when hiring a DUI attorney can help ensure that everything goes smoothly? This is your chance at plea bargain deals, and it’s your guarantee that you can walk into the courtroom with a knowledgeable lawyer on your side to help facilitate the best outcome for your case.

Dealing with a DUI on your own is like walking blindly in the dark. You haven’t studied law, and you’re not familiar with the law surrounding DUIs. Do you really want to basically roll the dice and see if everything turns out okay? Hire a DUI attorney today so that the grass is really greener on the other side when you get there.

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Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Criminal defense lawyer
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DUI Lawyer

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DUI Lawyer: Do I Really Need a DUI Attorney? |

Do you need a lawyer to represent you in a DUI case? Hiring an experienced DUI attorney always has its benefits —  familiarity with the court system, knowledge of plea bargain details, and the ability to navigate complex administration procedures. It’s especially important if you are a repeat offender. However, if this is your first DUI and there were no additional or aggravating circumstances such as reckless driving,  DUI with a minor in the vehicle, or a high blood alcohol content (a BAC over .12) you may choose to proceed without a DUI attorney.

Should You Plead Guilty?

If this is your first DUI, you may choose to simply plead guilty. That might be a wise choice if there were some certainty that you would be convicted — for example if your BAC is higher than .11 and the arresting officer testifies that you were driving erratically. But before you plead guilty, you should learn about the DUI / DWI laws penalties and fines in your state in order to make an informed decision. Even if you are convinced you should plead guilty, it is always possible that a DUI attorney may offer advice or counsel that could affect the severity of your sentence. Also keep in mind that if your BAC was between .08 and .11 (and there may be some question as to whether the reading was accurate) conviction is less of a certainty and a DUI attorney may be able to better plea bargain your case. Another fact to consider is that in most first non-injury first offense DUIs, judges hand down a routine sentence that seldom varies from one case to another.

Sentence Bargaining

In addition to plea bargaining (where the charge is reduced to a lesser one, like from DUI to reckless driving), most states have sentence bargaining. Sentence bargaining is extremely useful where a guilty plea might result in a long period of incarceration. For example, you may be willing to plead guilty to a second DUI but only if you know what your sentence will be. The same is true with an aggravated DUI cases where your BAC is over .15, or injury or death has resulted. In these types of cases you probably wouldn’t want to plead guilty unless you knew what sentence you’re going to get, and you would be well advised to have an attorney (as is generally true with all non-routine DUI cases).

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